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How To: Open Archives with 7-Zip
Last Updated 3 years ago

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  1. Open the Two Minute Fix.
  2. Click the "Software Menu" Link.
  3. Click the "Software Installers" Link.
  4. Click to install 7-Zip.
  5. Find a .zip or .7z archive on your computer.
  6. Right click on the icon and select properties (image 1).
  7. Left click on the "Change" button (image 2).
  8. Left click on "More Apps" link (image 3).
  9. Left click on "Look for another app on this pc" link (image 4).
  10. Locate and select the 7-Zip File Manager in Program Files (image 5) and click "Open".
    1. Note: this is typically found in C:\Program Files\7-zip\
  11. Verify 7-Zip is now set to open the file and click "OK" (image 6).
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